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What people are saying about Maynard Johns

The straight talking accountants with the personal touch

"I feel well looked after and supported in my business and its accounting" J.H

"As always - very impressed & comfortable with your EXCELLENT service! "

K & V InsideOut

"Always happy to recommend you as your service is exemplary! 'Over several years, my business needs have grown and changed. I feel that I have received not only sound advice and counselling but an interactive business partner."
Ms. B

"Your services are exactly what this particular client needs: efficient, prompt and not too expensive."
J. L. Y. S

"Your service is excellent, difficult to see how it can be improved on, based on my experience of your current high standards and your receptionists are a credit to you."
G.R. E

"I can’t recommend them highly enough."
Paul  POD Designs

"When I started my business, Maynard Johns Accountants were there to support and help me. Their excellent, friendly service has addressed all my accounting needs and more."
Mr R.

"You run a VERY friendly team, easy to speak to! Jelly babies are yummy, Thanks!"
Mr & Mrs. W.

"Always very satisfied with EXCELLENT service throughout."
Mr & Mrs. D.

"Many Thanks for your continued professional support. "Always Painless."

"Everyone I have spoken to and dealt with, has been exceptionally helpful."

"Jane gave me the confidence to start my own business and provided advice & support along the way. Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you."
Ms. M.

" As always the team are very efficient, friendly and professional. What I like is they are forward thinking, bringing innovation in, in a way you can understand. Thank You."
Ms. D.D.

"Thanks Jane, and that you for all your support over the last year - we wouldn't gave taken the leap without your support and we wouldn't have made such a success of our first year without Maynard Johns being behind us. Thank you."
Ms. C. C.

Visit us in our Bideford office or give us a call!

Telephone 01237 472071

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