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When you set up your Xero software you would have been given the option to use MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) as a way to keep your data extra secure.  MFA is where at the point of login you use more than just a password to log in.  A good example of this is when you log into online banking, you will often need to enter a user name, password, pin or security number and sometimes also use a card reader or enter a code received on you mobile phone.  These are all extra steps taken to keep your data secure, hence multi factor authentication, or MFA.


This has been an option at the log in stage for Xero for some time, but was not mandatory.  Xero have now decided that in an ever increasingly cyber-attack world that they are making MFA mandatory for all users.  We think this is very proactive and recommend using this facility which is why all the staff at Maynard Johns log into Xero this way. Once set up you won’t find it overly obtrusive at the log in stage.  You may have already received an email from Xero asking you to set this up now before it becomes mandatory.


There are two options for setting up MFA using a smart phone.  The first is using an app called Google Authenticator.  This gives a new 6 digit code every 30 seconds for you to enter into the log in page.  You can also use this app for other websites you may access, such as HMRC, instead of receiving a text code or phone call with a code to enter.  Here is a video about setting this option up and using it to log in to Xero.

The second is an app called Xero Veriphy.  This sends a push notification to the phone for you to approve on the phone or on a smart watch.  Xero then logs you in without the need to key anything extra on screen.  Here is a video about setting this option up and using it to log in.

If you don’t have access to a smart phone you can use a desktop app as an alternative.  Here is the Xero central support article for MFA set up and use with or without a smart phone.


If you would like any help from us to set this up then please book in for a zoom session and our Xero expert Natalie Willan will go through it with you on screen. You can book in by calling the office, or by following this link to Natalie’s online calendar.

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