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The Digital advantage programme

The Digital Advantage Programme is a programme of targeted support and specialist digital support for businesses in Northern Devon.

Becoming digital is essential for businesses to sustain growth in a world that is embracing the benefits of being online.


Going digital can benefit your business in many ways, whether that is being able to sell a product or service to an audience you would not normally have engagement with, or being able to advertise your business to a much larger audience through social media.

Having content that you can use to promote your products or services online will have a much larger customer reach.


There are currently 2.7 billion active monthly users on Facebook*, and over 60 million active business pages* and having access to a huge number of potential clients will drive further engagement with your business.


The programme aims to develop knowledge, strategy and insights for SMEs to gain competitive advantage through their digital offer, operations and business models.

The project is set-up to offer eligible businesses up to 12 hours of guidance and support through a range of digital workshops and 1:1 support. To find out more



Over the past few months, many businesses have faced uncertain times, many have made significant changes and many of those changes have featured embracing digital more. They are running two webinars for businesses that look at the next steps.


These webinars are a chance for you to review the changes you have made during the COVID Crisis and to think about your next steps.

They will review booking apps, payment technologies and touchless tech and think about how your business will work in the new ‘low-touch’ economy. They will also help you to communicate  better in the world of remote working and how to encourage staff to change their ways of working to match our new environment.

Sounds like an interesting way to spend a few hours? Join us on the webinar!




During the lockdown, we have seen a huge increase in the number of people living locally and shopping locally.


With an increase in demand for local shops, but a decrease in the willingness to venture into towns and cities, high street shops need to adapt their strategies to allow for the loss of physical engagement, and increase their interactions with digital engagement.

Having a digital side to your company would mean access to a whole new target audience, and more customer engagement with your products or services.


With this in mind, the Digital Advantage project has created a free digital support package specially designed to support high street businesses. By the end of the course you will;

  • Understand how to sell online effectively
  • Produce a website that stands out against competitors
  • Understand how to use social media effectively to engage with more customers

They are running 6 workshops and offering 4hrs worth of 1:1 support for high street businesses starting 30th September, weekly until 6th November, to find out more and to book your space click here.



For most organisations, embracing Digital technology is critical to survival. If your organisation can take advantage of the tools and resources available to you, then you will achieve a significant competitive advantage.

The impetus for change must come from the top. The leaders in your business need to have awareness and understanding of technology and be able to place Digital at the heart of the strategy and planning process.


We have developed a Digital Leadership Programme that supports businesses to develop new skills, understanding, attitudes and strategies towards Digital.

We have devised five comprehensive modules, delivered through group learning, 1-to-1 mentoring and project coursework. This is aimed at leaders, decision-makers and managers.

Click here to access our Digital Leaders welcome pack attached will give you the next set of course dates (course will run from October 2020 until March) 2021, and all the information you need about the course. To register interest please click here.


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