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Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme

Round three of the Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme is now open.

The Countryside Productivity grant is designed to be spent on equipment which will improve productivity and efficiency for farming and horticultural businesses.

What can I spend it on?

Farmers can apply for funding towards items of equipment listed at Annex 3 of the Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme Round 3 handbook which is available online.

Examples of items include mobile cattle handling systems, cattle auto ID shedding gate, calving detectors, mobile sheep handling systems and fruit ripeness spectrometers.

All the items will help to make improvements in either:

  • technical efficiency 
  • animal health and welfare 
  • resource efficiency, or 
  • nutrient management 

What’s changed from Round 2?

The main changes are that some items have been updated to provide greater clarity and reduce confusion on the eligibility of equipment.

Specifications have also been updated to ease supply and demand and address technological advancements

Two items have been removed due to supply issues. As detailed in the handbook these are:

Two items removed due to supply issues and advancement in technology:

  • SG40 GPS linked to auto steer and implement control
  • SG80 Hand held device for measuring nitrogen levels in crops including grass using light reflectance

Anything else I need to know?

Before applying, you must be registered in the Rural Payment service and make sure that your business details are up to date.

Also, if your application is approved, you must be able to pay for the items in advance of receiving your grant payment, as this is paid in arrears.

How can I apply for the Countryside Productivity Grant?

Applications can be made through the Rural Payments Agency’s online portal.

When do I need to apply?

The deadline for applications is 4 November 2020. Don’t delay. Get your application in now!


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