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Extra Login Security

Extra Login Security

Additional security has been added to HMRC’s login process for business tax accounts.

What extra steps are needed to access your online tax services?

Two Steps To Verify  

HMRC’s two-step verification (2SV), has been around for a while, but until October 2017 using it was voluntary. Now, if you want to access your online account tax account for PAYE, corporation tax and other HMRC business services, you’ll need to use 2SV.

How Does 2SV Work?  

After you’ve entered your username and password 2SV requires you to enter an access code. The code, which changes each time you log in, is sent to you by HMRC in a text message to your mobile phone, as a voice message over a landline or through the HMRC app. That sounds simple enough, but if more than one person in your organisation needs access it can be tricky.

Login Trouble 

 Let’s say that you and your bookkeeper need independent access to your HMRC services. 2SV requires you to choose a single landline, mobile phone or device, e.g. a tablet, to transmit the access code to. This means sharing login details, which might be a problem. For example, if your bookkeeper wants to log in, but it’s your mobile that’s linked to the HMRC account, you’ll receive the access code. If you’re away from the office (with your phone) there will be a problem.


It’s now relatively easy to set up additional access to HMRC accounts. Your bookkeeper and anyone else can be registered as a user in just a couple of minutes They’ll receive their own user ID and can create their own password (which can be the same as yours if they want). They can then register their own mobile phone etc. and so will receive an access code direct when they need to log in.

Use The App 

The HMRC app can only be used with Android and Apple devices and downloaded from the corresponding app store. We tested it and it’s really simple to use - the only point to watch is that the access code changes every 30 seconds so you have to enter it quickly.

You now need an access code sent to your phone or other device etc. before you can log in. If other people need to access the HMRC service you can set up additional logins and link their phones to receive an access code.