Land and property

Buying and selling property

Advising you of the tax consequences of buying and selling a property and ways in which to plan and reduce your liabilities.

Rental properties

Preparing the necessary figures for your self assessment tax return and helping you to claim all available reliefs.

Property developing

Helping you select the most appropriate business structure for buying and selling property as a business.

Earning an income from your own home

Tax implications of working from home, B & B, rent a room and rentals. Whether running a business or renting out part of it we can explain and advise you of the tax issues and potential savings.

Building your own home

Assisting you with the compilation of information necessary to reclaim VAT under the do-it-yourself builders claim.

Tax planning for you and your family

When planning gifts of property within your family, whether in your lifetime or on death, we can advise you on the most tax effective ways of achieving your wishes.