Individuals and Tax Planning

Preparing your tax return

Preparing and filing your self assessment tax return tax return and advising you on how much tax to pay and when.

Investment portfolios

Dealing with the tax calculations and reporting requirements for a personally held portfolio.

International tax

Advising foreign nationals coming to the UK and UK nationals that are residing abroad on their UK tax status and reporting requirements.

Plannning to reduce the amount of tax you pay

Advising you regarding your personal circumstances and structuring your affairs and that of your family to reduce tax liabilities.

Retirement pensions forecasting

Obtaining forecasts of your likely state pension and helping you plan your National Insurance contributions.

Tax efficient home

Helping you structure your income in the most effective manner including withdrawals from your own limited company.

Capital Gains tax

Advising you on the tax position when disposing of assets such as property, investments and businesses and assisting you in reducing your tax burden wherever possible.

Inheritence tax planning

Caring for you and your family by understanding your personal circumstances and helping you to achieve tax effective inheritance planning.


Working with you and your solicitor to achieve tax effective wills.