Grant Advice

Maynard Johns has many years experience in obtaining grant funding for businesses.  As specialists in grant funding we can help you with small business grants or with much larger, specialist grants on an individual basis.  Whether you are already an existing client or just looking for new funding opportunities to help your business grow, we are happy to help.  

In the last round of Leader funding we successfully helped over 60 businesses access in excess of £200,000 of grant funding between them.

Businesses we have helped say:

'When considering a major project to improve shore facilities for Clovelly fishermen a firm of business advisors with an association with the village seemed an obvious choice.

Maynard Johns carefully prepared the business case for the application.  This included interviewing fishermen so that realistic financial projections could be made.  Tact, perserverance and knowledge of conditions for grant support were required.  Maynard Johns's presentation won the support of the European and Marine funding agencies and subject to tender results, will allow this vital community project to go forward.'

The Honourable John Rous, Clovelly Estate Company Limited

Maynard Johns were able to assist us in successfully obtaining a grant to expand our business with their wide knowledge of the grant procedure and their assistance with the application, it made the whole process simple to understand and trouble free.

Cafecino Plus

Maynard Johns have become an intrinsic part of our business. Not only do they guide us in our business planning through financial advice in terms that we understand and their personal interest in what our business is about, but their knowledge and expertise in the field of grant availability and eligibility is priceless. Their involvement secured us a £5,000 grant for business growth.

‘We recommend them highly to anyone who is serious about their business and who wants a service over and above the norm.

The Olden Group

Current Small Business Grants

Leader 5 is now here!!

£2.3 million funding for Torridge and North Devon 2015-2020

The long-anticipated LEADER 5 programme for Torridge and North Devon is now open and able to support projects across our area. Here's how to find out more:

1. Take a look at the Applicant Handbook which gives details about what North Devon+ can and can't support as well as information on the application process itself


2. If you have a strong project idea, which will have an economic benefit such as the creation of new jobs, or business growth, call North Devon+ on 01237 426423 to go through a basic eligibility check


3. If eligible, they will send you the Outline Application form and guidance

Before you apply, you need to be prepared for a lengthy process. The two-stage application process and decision-making means that your application could take 3-4 months before you get approval and can start work.

You also need to be aware that there will be very high demand for this funding and only the strongest applications will be supported that will achieve the greatest economic benefit for the area.

To find out more about the LEADER 5 programme, check out their website

For more specialist grant advice, please do not hesitate to contact us