Reviews Given By Our Clients

Dear Jane, Many thanks for all your help so far!  You've really gone above and beyond.   Josie

"Another outstanding year of service from Maynard Johns which helped me achieve my personal and business  objectives.      Thank you"    F. Hennessy-White                                                                                                                            

"We could not wish for a better service, always available for our queries and Jane is so knowledgeable and          interested in our   business."    Carol Earner                                                                                                                       

"Maynard Johns continues to outperform any professional service with which I have had dealings in North Devon.    Their delivery  on client needs is unsurpassed!"    J.W. Dixon                                                                                                                                                                                                               

"Thank you for your help and support - it is a great comfort to know you are there to help and discuss the  business"    Mrs.  Conibear                                                                                                                                           

"I am very impressed with the level of service - Thank you."       Mrs. G                                                                         

"We are very pleased with our decision to change accountants.  Maynard Johns have exceeded our expectations!  You are just  what we've been looking for and fills us with confidence.  Thank you."    Mr & Mrs. D                                

"You have given me more information in half an hour than I got from my previous accountant in four years!"
 Mr F. (Bideford)

"You have provided the close working relationship, understanding of our business and valuable straight talking  advice that we      were looking for. Thank you."    Croft and Co.                                                                                       

"You have given me more confidence and encouragement in our first appointment than I have had previously."    Kevin Cole, Passion4cars

"Thanks to Maynard Johns we now have control over our financial situation, knowing in good time what our  liabilities are.    Answers to any questions we may have are only a phone call away.
 Thank you to the team at Maynard Johns."    K & J Electrical Ltd

"We have found Maynard Johns to be easily approachable and quickly grasped our requirements.
 They have a very pleasant style and explain clearly our options."    Mr and Mrs H. (Tiverton)

"Nothing to improve – always excellent service.  Everyone at Maynard Johns is friendly and helpful.  It’s a    pleasure  to visit the  office."    V. Eastman

"When I started my business, Maynard Johns Accountants were there to support and help me.  Their excellent,  friendly service  has addressed all my accounting needs and more.
 I can’t recommend them highly enough."    Paul O’Donnell, POD Designs

"Your service is excellent, difficult to see how it can be improved on, based on my experience of your current high  standards and  your receptionists are a credit to you."    G. R. Edmonds

"I am leaving here after only one appointment.  Full of confidence."    Bullco Ltd.

"Your services are exactly what this particular client needs: efficient, prompt and not too expensive."     J. L. Y. Sanders

"Always happy to recommend you as your service is exemplary! 'Over several years, my business needs have  grown and  changed.  I feel that I have received not only sound advice and sounselling but an interactive business  partner."    Suzanne  Bongartz 

"You take the weight off our shoulders!  Any questions we have, however trivial, are always answered promptly,  reassuringly and  professionally.  Thank you very much"    M P Carpets

"First class service as always.  5 stars from me. Thanks guys!"    Mr. C                                                                    

"Excellent personal service."    Mr. S 

"Quality service by a great company."    Mr. Pascoe                                                                                                      

"A meeting with you is out annual inspirational pep talk and we feel uplifted and spurred on!"    Mr and Mrs. C                                 

"Since employing Maynard Johns to undertake our company and my personal tax affairs, understanding the  taxation system has become a whole lot easier.  From the initial task of setting up our accounts and systems with  through to producing yearend figures and making tax efficient savings, the process has been easy and  understandable.  Also, one off advice and telephone calls are dealt with in the same manner."                           Mr D.  (Westward Ho!)